Mangrove Woodchips

Primarily sourced from PT. Bintuni Utama Murni Wood Industries (PT. BUMWI), West Papua, Indonesia. The mangrove woodchips are exported to Taiwan, China and previously Japan. Mangrove has been used successfully in hardwood kraft pulp since 1960s. Its unique characteristics are its very high density (> 0.8 basic specific gravity), 1.3 mm fiber length, and low natural moisture content (around 35%). The pulp yield is comparable to typical tropical hardwood. Mangrove woodchips are typically mixed with that of other species to increase pulp density and strength.

PT BUMWI is FSC® Forest Management (FM) certified with a 82,120 ha concession and a chip mill with > 200,000 BDMT capacity. The mangrove concession has been sustainably managed since 1988 and  is the largest of its kind in the world, being twice the size of Matang Forest (Malaysia) and slightly bigger than Singapore.  Shipment from PT BUMWI is through direct conveying at the factory site, Pulau Amutu Besar, West Papua, Indonesia with a minimum depth of 11 meters.