Mangrove White Charcoal

Primarily sourced from PT Bina Ovivipari Semesta (PT BiOS), West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The mangrove white charcoal is mainly sold to Japan. Mangrove has been used for charcoal for more than 100 years, starting from peninsular Malaysia due to its density and low moisture content. The white charcoal we produce can reach a fixed carbon purity of 95%, with a calorific value of >7,800 kcal/kg.

PT BiOS sources the wood from its sustainably managed  10,000 ha mangrove concession.  The company has a total of 60 charcoal kilns, with the capacity to produce up to 55 tons per month. In addition to white charcoal, PT BiOS also produces wood vinegar as a by-product of the carbonisation process.