Mangrove Dried Woodchips

Since 2016, Green Forest has embarked on research to develop an Energy Chip (woodchip form) that is dry and hydrophobic that could compete with pellet through the use of our proprietary technology. While it is not as dense as pellet, the Green Forest Energy Chip has two advantages. It is hydrophobic and thus can be stored in the open and it is a solid form factor which will not disintegrate during the shipment process. Furthermore, it is of lower cost on a per calorific value basis. From an environmental stand point, the Energy Chip is also less energy intensive to produce when compare to pellet.

The Green Forest Mangrove Energy Chip will have a typical net calorific value of 3,800 kcal/kg at about 10-11% moisture content and is suitable for use in Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler. The difference with biocoal (torrefied chip) is in its lower energy density and lower grindability (less suitable for co-firing with coal). Thus, Green Forest is offering two kinds of solution, one which is suitable for CFB and one which is suitable for co-firing with coal in a Pulverized Coal Boiler.

We are waiting for interested buyers for energy chip and our partner supplier PT BUMWI shall be able to produce about 180,000 MT of energy chip per year once the production line is built. You may contact us for further inquiries.