Mangrove Biocoal

Since 2013, Green Forest has worked on the process to develop biocoal from mangrove woodchip through pyrolysis (commonly known as torrefaction), which is technically similar to one of the steps in the charcoal making process. The characterization and process were completed in 2016 with the collaboration of Republic Polytechnic in Singapore as well as potential vendors in the USA and Europe.

Mangrove biocoal has a net calorific value of 4,800 kcal/kg and is hydrophobic with a grindability that is similar to coal (HGI>50). It is therefore a suitable fuel for biomass renewable energy plants, especially those that are targeted to be co-fired with coal in a pulverized coal boiler (reducing the use of carbon fuel as well as reducing pollution).

We are waiting for interested buyers for biocoal. Our partner supplier PT BUMWI shall be able to produce about 120,000 MT of biocoal per year once the production line is built. You may contact us for further inquiries.